How often do I need to clean my furniture & upholstery?

Professional furniture & upholstery cleaners usually recommend cleaning them every 6-12 months, while some will stretch it to 18-24 months. Regardless of the general time frame they give you, you need to be weary that they are not trying to sell you services that you simply do not need. You know the difference between your dog's favorite love seat and the barely-used chair in the back corner - don't let a cleaning technician convince you that they both need to cleaning at the same frequency. It is recommended that you select a company that analyzes and the dirt on your furniture and upholstery and then explains to you what options you have. Any decent furniture and upholstery cleaning company will give you a few different choices so you can take comfort in knowing that the service fits your budget and accomplishes what you were looking to get done.

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