What should I do after asbestos exposure?

Even if you do not feel any symptoms, the first thing you need to do if you think you have been exposed to asbestos, is to go straight to the doctor.

It can take many years for the effects of asbestos exposure to reveal themselves, so you need to make sure you go for periodic checkups and consultations with your physician. They will keep an eye on you and see if the exposure is causing any long-term effects and what they can do to either slow or stop them. They might recommend pulmonary function monitoring if the case is serious enough.

If you are feeling symptoms after being exposed, you need to see an asbestos-related disease specialist who can properly identify your symptoms and provide you with the proper care to remedy it. It is recommended to continue treatment with a mesothelioma specialist, but if they are not available in your area, a thoracic oncologist will have the necessary training and knowledge to treat your symptoms.

If you think there might be asbestos in your home, and are considering removing it by yourself, first stop to think about the permanent damage it could cause to your body. It is much safer to bring in an asbestos specialist, who will have to proper PPE, tools and knowledge to safely remove the asbestos.